We know how valuable each moment in your life is. 

Our mission is to capture the moments that are most important to you, and present it in a way that will help you cherish it and share it for a long time. We do not try to falsely create something that was not there just for the artistic purpose. When we shoot and edit our videos, we not only think about the 1st time you watch it, but also 10th time or even 100th time.  Our focus is to preserve your moments, and to help you re-visit the moments.

I personally began shooting videos by joining our church's broadcasting media team in the winter of 1998.  Techniques and know-how's for shooting and editing videos develop over time, but that's not where my utmost concern lies.  Being able to appreciate the value of each moment in our lives is what's more important.  WHAT I choose to shoot always comes before HOW I shoot.  

- SEAN LEE / head videographer