GILLI [Behind The Scenes] - Fashion Photoshoot / August 2016

LALA by Sikboy [M/V] / October 2015

BTS of Good And Evil / March 2010

You can watch the movie "Good and Evil" (Written and Directed by Eric Won) at
The film was submitted for Chapter 3 of HD Video Contest "The Story Beyond The Still"
The winner for the Chapter 3 will be announced in early April. (update: "Good and Evil" was not the winner, but was the runner-up)
The entire film was shot in one day from 12:00PM to 1:30AM. 
First of all, we didn't plan to make this behind-the-scene video in the beginning, so I didn't cover all the scenes. I was there to let Eric use my 7D and also to help out Eric (Director) and Ray (DP), and whenever I had chance I shot some stills with Eric's DSLR and some behind-the-scene videos with my Canon XH-A1s.
I really wanted to grade the video, but kept myself from doing it just to show the difference between natural shots and the finalized movie. And also I didn't have much time.
Hope you enjoy!